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A whole gamut of carefully planned activities await students at Yaseen English School. Research shows that play contributes to children`s physical and emotional health, well-being, approach to learning and enjoyment of school.

Given importance of play in children`s lives and current concerns about children`s health and opportunity to access time and space to initiate their own play outdoors, there are considerable benefits for children, parents, school and the wider community form participating in high quality play.

Students need to have fun with learning to stay motivated. To keep ┬ástudents happy while making the most of precious instruction time, let students play games that are quick to set up, like toothpick puzzles. It gives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. They actually complement the curricular activities and groom the students in the “Art of living and working together”. They are the true and practical experiences gained by students by their own learnings.

YES promotes co-curricular activities. Co-Curricular activities render a number of values like:

1.Educational values.

2.Psychological values.

3.Development of Social values.

4.Development of Civic values.

5.Physical development values.

6.Recreational values.

7.Cultural values.

Co-curricular activities are vital because even though they are not a part of the core curriculum.